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Teaching Happiness and Innovation

"In Teaching Happiness and Innovation, Ferry collects the best of positive psychology research, attempting to find ways to communicate these revolutionary findings and make them applicable to the challenges in our schools and society. We need more people like Ferry who find ways of sharing this invaluable message: scientifically, happiness can be a choice."  - Shawn Achor, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage

Teaching Happiness and Innovation

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More Praise For Teaching Happiness and Innovation

“Mike Ferry has tapped into his years of working with children as a parent and teacher and written a gem. This is a must read for parents and teachers who want practical suggestions for helping kids develop the mindset for creativity and happiness.” - David Walsh, Ph.D. Author of Why Do They Act That Way? A Survival Guide to the Adolescent Brain for You and Your Teen

“Mike Ferry presents a compelling argument for shifting the way we conceptualize learning and teaching. Utilizing brain research, a contemporary perspective of the 21st century learner, and salient historical and societal examples, Ferry provides a well-organized guide for promoting resiliency through teaching habits that support happiness and innovation. Ferry's insights mesh with Positive Psychology, an approach that inspires all students, no matter their background, gifts, or challenges. In my 25 years of experience as an educator, I have found that this approach works wonders.” - Andrea Clyne, Ph.D., Licensed School Psychologist

“Reading Teaching Happiness and Innovation made me examine my life, as it is filled with practical and simple ways to improve our attitudes and the influence we have on those around us.  I found myself wanting to do all of the creative exercises and to live a bit more like the Ferrys do. This book is an easy and worthwhile read for everyone, but especially for parents and teachers.” - Julia Perkins Smith, M.D.

“Mike Ferry is a middle school history teacher who coaches basketball and has four children!  If you don’t read his book, you’ll feel so lazy compared to him that it will make you sad.  At that point, you’ll need to read “Teaching Happiness and Innovation,” and learn how to bring more happiness into your life.” - Matt Bellace, Ph.D., Psychologist and Stand-Up Comedian