Want More Energy In The Kitchen? Teach Happiness!

While at a media conference in New York, I had the chance to meet a cooking blogger named Alma Schneider.  She wanted to know if I could put together a guest blog post showing how gratitude can lead to more…


What Teachers Really Want For Teacher Appreciation Week

Every year, students bring in baked goods, gift cards, handmade notes, and other presents during Teacher Appreciation Week.  Keep them coming - teachers love that stuff!  However, there's a FREE gift that teachers really want their students to carry with…


Why Boredom Is Bad For You And Your Kids

"I'm bored!"


How often do you hear that as a parent?  How often do you say it, even to yourself?  Our hectic lives have not banished boredom from the face of the planet.  Whether it's at school, at work, or…


10 Ways To Boost Creativity

Creativity is a path to happiness.  It also is an essential aspect of innovation.  As kids many of us are naturally creative.  Unfortunately, our creativity tends to be eliminated as we enter school. 

The good news is that we can


Can Being Busy Make Us Less Productive?

"Beware the barrenness of a busy life." - Socrates

As we identify and teach habits related to emotional well-being, it's important to think about the negative impact of busyness on our brains, moods, and output.  Thanks to modern technology, we…


Globally Curious?

Interested in how many people were born today?  How about the amount of money spent on obesity-related issues in the US?  Or maybe the number of emails that have been sent today around the world?

You can find all of…


How History Can Make Us More Grateful

The headlines are, and will always be, disastrous.  If you spend five minutes reading a newspaper or watching a newscast, you might be tempted to believe that the Earth is seconds away from total destruction.  Surely things have never been…


Want safe drivers? Teach empathy.

While Jenny and I may think that driving is light years away for our kids, that visit to the DMV will be here before we know it.  What can we be doing now to prepare them to be the safest…


The Mindfulness Bell

All of us need ways to manage the stress we face in our lives.  Here is a helpful tool - the mindfulness bell.  I like to use it in my middle school history classes.  For the duration of the…