Want safe drivers? Teach empathy.

While Jenny and I may think that driving is light years away for our kids, that visit to the DMV will be here before we know it.  What can we be doing now to prepare them to be the safest drivers possible?


A new study out of the Czech Republic suggests that empathy is related to driver safety.  People who have greater concern for the well-being of others are more likely to be safer drivers than those who are self-focused.  The researchers, whose work is published in the journal Neurolmage, showed that safe drivers had more brain activity in the superior temporal sulcus, a region associated with empathy.


We have no control over the weather, potholes, or other driving conditions.  Yet, we can improve safety on the roads by teaching our kids the importance of considering the viewpoints of others.  In the classroom - literature, history, social studies, etc. - and at home, we can produce incident-free future roadway travel by teaching empathy.



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