Teenage Girls, Stress, and Depression

Adolescent girls are at greater risk for depression than their male counterparts.  A new study suggests that interpersonal stress is an important contributor to this sad reality.  Teenage girls tend to harbor negative thoughts more frequently than teenage boys when experiencing stressful encounters with others.  In addition, according to the authors of this study, girls face more of these situations than boys.  


Why do girls have such a high rate of interpersonal stressors?  While the authors claim that more research needs to be done in this area, they conclude that "developing more effective ways of responding to these stressors may be beneficial for adolescents, especially girls.”  In other words, we need to help girls (and boys) find better strategies for managing stress. 


By teaching the skills of happiness (growth mindset, perseverance, gratitude, etc.), we will put kids on the path towards lifelong well-being and success.  We will also give them tools they need to navigate the stressful waters of adolescence, minimizing the likelihood that they will suffer from the darkness of depression. 


If you think your teen or pre-teen would benefit from learning stress management techniques, you may want to check out "Success Training For Teens."  This is my coaching program that helps teens build self-confidence, resilience, optimism, mindfulness, and many other habits leading to success in school and life



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