10 Reasons Why You Should Attend My Christian Mindfulness Retreat In Ireland

Did you know that I'm hosting my 2020 Christian Mindfulness Retreat In Ireland next summer (June 30 - July 2)?

Just imagine - you'll grow in your faith and learn lots of ways to boost your creativity, practice mindfulness, and train your brain to become happier.  In addition, you'll be surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet.  I know you'll be transformed by this retreat, and I can't wait to meet you!

Perhaps you need some more reasons to join me in the Gweedore parish of County Donegal in July.  I'll give you ten!

1.  You're stressed out.  Aren't we all?  It's hard to find peace in this crazy, hectic world of ours.  At my retreat, you'll learn strategies to help you relax and achieve a sense of calm.

2.  You'll laugh.  A lot.  Have you ever heard of "laughter yoga?"  It's a real thing, and we'll be using it as a way to get our creative juices flowing.  Be prepared for lots of good humor at the 2020 Christian Mindfulness Retreat In Ireland.

3.  You'll become a better parent.  Parenting is stressful.  I know, because my wife and I have five kids.  When was the last time you had a break?  Leave your kids with their grandparents and come to Ireland!  Reconnect with your spouse and learn how teach your children habits that lead to deeper spirituality and lifelong happiness and success. 

4.  The beaches. This area is famous for its beaches.  It includes several of Ireland's "Blue Flag" beaches, which are known for their safety, water quality, and cleanliness.  You'll love taking long walks along the gorgeous coastline of Donegal.  

5.  The mountains.
In addition to enjoying the sand and salty air of the beaches, you'll also be mesmerized by the mountains of this region.  Errigal Mountain, part of the Derryveagh Mountain Range and the tallest peak in Donegal, dominates the skyline.  You'll be blown away by the view at the top, if you choose to climb Errigal during your stay here.   

6.  You need professional development or continuing education credit anyway.  How many boring seminars or conferences have you attended to get the hours and points you need?  This retreat is totally different.  You'll learn lots of ways to boost your creativity and productivity in the workplace WHILE HAVING FUN in a beautiful, tranquil place.  Remember to check with the powers-that-be in your organization to make sure that the 2020 Christian Mindfulness Retreat In Ireland meets the necessary criteria for approval.  I'll gladly furnish a course syllabus and certificate of completion if you need them.

7.  You need creative inspiration.  Are you a writer, an artist, a musician, a songwriter, a poet, a journalist, or any other creative type?  I'll bet you face the dreaded "writer's block" from time to time.  Come to Ireland to learn how to summon your creative muse.  Plus, you'll find all the inspiration you need in the natural scenery of the area.     


8.  You love Star Wars.  During your trip to Donegal, you can venture out along the famed Inishowen Peninsula to Malin Head, where part of The Last Jedi was filmed.  Make sure that you give yourself a full day to make the most of this spectacular scenery. 

9.  The weather.  Many Irish people have told me, "You don't come here for the weather."  However, I disagree.  I crave the cool climate of Donegal during the summer months, which are oppressively hot in the southeastern United States where I live.  Imagine wearing a sweatshirt in July - sounds great to me! 

10.  The music.  Have you ever heard of Enya?  She's from this area.  So is Clannad.  Famous Irish traditional group Altan hails from Gweedore as well.  There must be something in the water!  You can enjoy authentic Irish traditional music in several different places during your time in Donegal.