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10 Reasons Why You Should Attend My Christian Mindfulness Retreat In Ireland 

Did you know that I'm hosting my 2020 Christian Mindfulness Retreat In Ireland next summer (June 30 - July 2)?

Just imagine - you'll grow in your faith and learn lots of ways to boost your creativity, practice mindfulness, and train your brain to become happier.  In addition, you'll be surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet.  I know you'll be transformed by this retreat, and I can't wait to meet you!

Perhaps you need some more reasons to join me in the Gweedore parish of County…

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Can We Actually Get Smarter? 

This article originally appeared here:

Do you remember how hard it was to learn how to tie your shoes?  For many of us, our initial experience with shoe-tying is buried under a heavy pile of childhood memories.  If you have young children, however, this challenge may be easier to recall.  How does it go....the rabbit hops around the tree and through the hole?  Something like that.  

For a child who's trying to make sense of the world, this seemingly simple task…

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7 Ways To Help Your Child Through A Divorce 

“What about the kids?”


This question is often the most important concern on the minds of parents involved in a divorce.  There’s a good reason for that. In many cases, divorce leads to dismal outcomes for children. From lower self-esteem and health problems to depression and anger issues, divorce can deal a heavy blow to kids.  However, divorce doesn’t have to impact children this way.


Mental health experts claim that parents can make divorce easier on their kids by following certain guidelines.…

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5 Ways To Teach Happiness To Kids 




If you're like most parents, you want your kids to find happiness in life more than anything else. Despite the craziness of growing up (chores, sports practices, piano recitals, science projects, sibling rivalry, and on and on.....) parents want their kids to have adulthoods of meaning, purpose, and low stress. Is there anything we can do to help our children achieve this dream, or do we have to hope that happiness will descend from the heavens?


As it turns out, parents have a road map for…

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5 Fascinating Facts You Might Not Know About Ireland 

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, people around the world are celebrating their Irish heritage (or they're pretending to be Irish at the moment).  Rivers are being dyed green, parades are filling city streets, and Irish music and dancing are entertaining the masses.  To help you get in the spirit, I'd like to share some fascinating facts you may not know about Ireland.   


1.  The highest mountain range in Ireland has the coolest name - Macgillycuddy's Reeks!


2.  There are no snakes in Ireland.  Legend…

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Anxious Kid? How To Calm Your Child 

The classroom buzzes with tension on a test day.  Many students handle the situation serenely, but others are absolutely freaking out.  Nervous kids tend to trigger a chain reaction of anxiety, and sometimes even the calmest children can be drawn into the vortex of negative energy. 


If you're a teacher, you know what I'm talking about.  Maybe you've experienced a similar situation as a parent of an anxious kid.  Of course, we all feel stressed and overwhelmed at times.  Perhaps you've had moments when…

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5 Ways To Make Your Teen Happier 

Pimples.  Hormonal changes.  Emotional extremes.  Argumentativeness.  Romantic relationships.  If you have an adolescent son or daughter, you may be living through these and other aspects of the teen years.  It's a period of great upheaval, for kids and parents (not to mention the teachers who never escape the drama of middle and high school).


Adolescence has always been hard, but today's teens are having an especially difficult time.  For a variety of reasons, teens are suffering from higher rates of…

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A Risk-Free Fundraising Idea For Your Charity Or Nonprofit 

Whether feeding the hungry, sheltering homeless animals, or providing other valuable services, charities and nonprofits impact society in many ways.  However, charities and nonprofits can't serve their communities without the funding that keeps them afloat.  Are you affiliated with a charity or nonprofit that requires donations?  If so, I have an idea that could help you raise money for your organization without spending a dime. 

When charities and nonprofits host in-person fundraisers, they often spend…

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5 Tips For Getting A Raise 

Would you like a raise?  Are you worried that your job might go to a robot someday?  Do you want to lower your stress level and improve your happiness?  


By boosting your creativity, you make yourself more valuable on the job.  This is even more important now, since 47% of jobs might be automated within the next 20 years.  Creativity also lowers your stress, giving you more energy and making you healthier as well.


Am I telling you that you can actually become more creative?  Yes!  While you may think…

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